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Becky selling books at the Holiday Craft Fair

We had a successful day at the San Andreas Regional Center's Holiday Craft Fair on November 19, 2022

picture of Dena and Becky at their table at the

Dena and Becky at the CalTASH conference in Sacramento on March 6th and 7th.

Becky at Parents
                  Helping Parents conference

Thank you to Parents Helping Parents for allowing us to be a vendor at their Adult Transition
& Services Fair in San Jose on March 5th 2020.

picture of Becky talking to Micah Fowler
Becky and Micah Fowler, the star of the TV show Speechless, at the Abilities Expo in San Mateo on October 26.

Becky at the Supported Life conference
We had a successful experience at the Supported Life conference in Sacramento on October 10th. On October 19, we will be at the conference for families of children with special needs in Watsonville.

We had a table and gave a presentation at the TASH conference in Portland Oregon.

Our table and poster at TASH.
 We have worked with Becky  as a presenter to our fifth grade students for over five years now. Graciously, she offers her story of the hardships and challenges she faced as a special needs student in regular education classes. In a thirty minute presentation, followed by fifteen minutes of question and answer time, the students are mesmerized by Becky痴 tenacity to overcome extreme physical and emotional challenges to accomplish so much, including earning a degree from UC Santa Cruz. After reading the book, Out of My Mind, her testimony also really hits home as students connect a character in the book to Becky痴 very real life.

Needless to say, Becky is an incredible role model to all of us, as she embodies the spirit of perseverance, endurance, and grit-never giving up despite the obstacles that come her way. When asked how she finds her inner strength, Becky shares that, 都he has no other choice, but that her eye is always on the goal of getting to the next level.

In addition to unfolding her life and book in a heartfelt way, Becky has faithfully arrived on time every year, communicating clearly about her availability, and answering students questions thoroughly. She is a people person through and through, committed to sharing her story for the benefit of others. Gratefully, Becky痴 testimony will have an impact on all our lives, as we see the world with new eyes.

A third grade teacher wrote this after Becky spoke in her classroom in February of 2018. She read a chapter from the book, to the class.


Thank you so much for your presentation. For me, this was a great highlight of this year. This is what school is about. I wish you could have been here for the discussion that took place after you left. I asked the students what they learned and what they thought the purpose of the presentation was. They told me that they learned so much. They learned that it痴 important to be kind to others because our actions can have lasting effects on others. They learned that differences make others unique and we need to take time to get to know people regardless because we all have the same human heart. They leaned that everyone has their unique talents, passions and struggles. And really in a nut shell, it was a huge lesson in compassion. A very important lesson indeed!

I can稚 thank you enough for taking the time to present. A few other teachers were asking if you would be willing to do it again in their rooms. I hope you continue to meet students.

Thank you!

Becky speaking to a classroom
Our first reading was at Bookshop Santa Cruz, in our hometown, and we had 120 people, and sold 80 books!

Becky and Dena in
                front of Books I nc.Becky and Dena at Books Inc.                   

Becky and Dena at Books Inc. in Berkeley on March 28, 2016

Becky, Dena, and our publisher Kate Hitt at our !st reading at Bookshop Santa Cruz. It was great success!

Becky, Dena, and
                Kate at Bookshop Santa Cruz
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