Events and Photos

Please note: We are going to the TASH Conference in Portland, Oregon November 28th – 30th. We will have a table, with the book, in the exhibit hall during the conference and leading a discussion on Thursday “Stories from One of the First Disabled Children in Public Schools.”

A third grade teacher wrote this after Becky spoke in her classroom in February of 2018. She read a chapter from the book, to the class.


Thank you so much for your presentation. For me, this was a great highlight of this year. This is what school is about. I wish you could have been here for the discussion that took place after you left. I asked the students what they learned and what they thought the purpose of the presentation was. They told me that they learned so much. They learned that it’s important to be kind to others because our actions can have lasting effects on others. They learned that differences make others unique and we need to take time to get to know people regardless because we all have the same human heart. They leaned that everyone has their unique talents, passions and struggles. And really in a nut shell, it was a huge lesson in compassion. A very important lesson indeed!

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to present. A few other teachers were asking if you would be willing to do it again in their rooms. I hope you continue to meet students.

Also, my students have letters for you.

Thank you!

Our first reading was at Bookshop Santa Cruz, in our hometown, and we had 120 people, and sold 80 books!

Becky and Dena in front of Books Inc                   Becky and Dena at Books Inc.

Becky and Dena at Books Inc. in Berkeley on March 28, 2016

Becky, Dena, and our publisher Kate Hitt at our !st reading at Bookshop Santa Cruz. It was great success!